Whois Privacy Protection

By rule, every domain name you register for your websites will display your personal or company details online. This way, everyone can see these details by making a WHOIS check-up. With your WHOIS details publicly visible online it is possible that everyone could use your private information for illegal purposes.

Shield your domains' identity today with a click, by taking advantage of the low-cost ID Protect service provided by 50Webs. You can request ID Protection at sign up or from the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel if you are an existing customer.

Public Whois

John Doe Productions

John Doe

12 Main St

Hollister, CA 95023

United States

(555) 555-1234

Private Whois

Whois Agent LiquidNet US LLC

Coral Springs, FL 33071

United States


Why Use Whois Privacy Protection?

Keeps You Safe

Whois Privacy Protection service information is displayed in the publicly accessible Whois database, taking the place of your name, postal address, phone number and fax number. Your personal information remains private. This means you're safe from telemarketers, unsolicited phone calls, junk mail and identity theft.

Blocks Spam

The WHOIS information can be a rich source of information for anyone, looking to build an email database for Spam purposes. Without Whois Privacy Protection, they will have access to both your name and your email, enabling any spammer to target you exclusively. With Whois Privacy Protection, they will not have your name or your email address, just a generic mailbox, which will be of no use to them.

Deters Domain Hacking

Identity theft is not only a problem in the real world, but also in the digital world. In the WHOIS information for your domain, you have listed lots of personal info, which can be used by anyone who wants to better impersonate you and with a bit of skill - to steal your domain name away from you. The Whois Privacy Protection allows you to effectively block any such attempt.